Christmas Prisoner Packets

Approved Packing List
1 – Black non-retractable pen (no wire clip and no other color)
1 – writing tablet or no larger than 5.5 x 8 ” Writing Tablet (no wire bound books, composition books, or post-it notes)
1 – Adult Toothbrush (individually factory-sealed, no multi-packs)
3 – First-Class #10 Stamp-Embossed Envelopes (purchased at the US Post Office)
2 – Rolls of Candy (lifesavers, Mentos, Breath Savers type  – NO smarties, Sweetarts, Necco wafers, Rolos, Starburst, Tic Tacs)
1 – 3.2 to 6 oz. Bar of Soap (no unwrapped or unboxed bars)
1 – 4oz. – 6oz. or larger Toothpaste
1 – gallon size zipper bag with slider (no other size accepted)
Dates will be announced through our newsletter.
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